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Psychologists are assured that it is possible to love a two at once

Psychologists agree that the person with all gravity is capable to love a two - both differently, but is equally strong. The person of everyone loves for something the. It turns out that two favourite persons are two parts of an ideal image which sits tight in our subconsciousness. Meanwhile to love a two, can, and it is normal, but position it - difficult.

If the person loves at once a two, he takes hard. After all it is a love triangle, not a simple figure in human relations. Though such situation suits some people: for example, the married woman falls in love with the married man. She does not wish to throw the husband because also it too loves, and its lover is not going to leave the wife - таке relations suit both. But for the young girl, enamoured in the married person it is a deadlock variant. To love a two uneasy. On loving person presses morals - such relations are considered simply indecent. Unfortunately, from them it is better not to promise.

Biochemists in love to two do not trust. Under their theory the passion is caused by substances clear only to physicists, but not to lyric poets. These substances start to be allocated, only when the person sees the favourite person. One, in any way two. Mum with the daddy and the grandmother with the grandfather is not counted - love to parents another.

Psychologists into the account of love to two have reservations. Everyone is capable of such "complex feelings" not.
- The love to two - frequent enough case, - is told by doctor-psychotherapist Alexander Poleev, the professor of Institute of psychoanalysis at the Moscow State University. - the husband, the wife and the mistress (lover) - such meets everywhere. But thus simultaneously love two people the person with the strong and developed mentality can only.

If who convinces you that loves a two more, do not trust better. Precisely says lies!
The love is also bed how some citizens resisted. Love without bed, according to the sexologists, any not love, and hobby. If we speak to love, here some facts how the love triangle corresponds with sex:
- Only 5 percent of spouses never each other did not change. It is impossible to tell that the others of 95 percent go on the left without any feeling or live in marriage without love.
- 20-30 percent of unmarried pairs and 10-15 percent matrimonial at least once called in the bed of the third. Approximately half admitted that the third superfluous was not, and has had very opportunely.

Why often happens, what with the mistress the man has sex, and with the wife is not present, though loves both? English scientists assert that have found the answer - the gene which suppresses a sexual inclination between spouses with the experience is guilty.
- It is possible to fall in love not only with an opposite sex. Sexologists are assured (and consider it absolutely normal) that 50 percent of married ladies periodically there are more have a feeling of love to other women. Thus it is not reflected in love to the husband.

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