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How correctly to love?

To love is does not mean to look against each other, to love – means together to look in one direction.
Antoine de Sent-Ekzjuperi.
You, know, misters, lately there were some publications on the Love theme... Love – one of the strong feelings in our life, causing the strongest emotions which correct our world. Our definitions will seem to you at first sight rough, well, God grant that to you never and fell nothing on a head in the form of fragments of castles in the air, only I will be glad. But if somebody has shared with me such knowledge at young age, I would be grateful, and so much errors would not do. Certainly, I too would apprehend this text in bayonets, but would not forget precisely. And facing these facts of life, at once would recollect, such things are not forgotten. Let this material will help at least to one person.
The love is when to you bothers to love itself alone, and you search for somebody … to love itself together...:-)

The love happens high and carnal.Love high – when you wish to enter sexual relations with the partner, attributing it such character traits which it actually does not possess, i.e. build round it "castles in the air". However, these locks fall in due course and fall to you on a head, causing moral and physical mutilations. Such love comes to an end usually badly.
The love carnal is when you also wish to enter sexual relations with the partner, but accept it in such kind as it is. Result of such love – satisfaction.
Do not forget! The woman dreams of love only, for the man it is a hindrance in affairs, a headache, dependence on "the brainless" woman. As it needs to battle to predators, and here on a way any "mouse" costs, time and forces takes away. Muzhiks are afraid of "love" as lines of an incense.

And to love it is necessary to be able. Yes only to it now anywhere do not learn. Usually favourite person "test". If loves, will forgive, and if forgives, here what I unusual. How women "test" the favourite? Do to it any meanness. It cannot eternally proceed, and sooner or later on change of such love hatred comes.

Change of the woman is when it enters sexual relations with other man. All children are identical to the woman. And she as a result of such communication can give birth to another's child to the husband, and it will raise another's posterity, refusing to itself pleasures, and its vital program remains outstanding. At change of the woman – concept "family" loses meaning.
And the man should have an illegal harem except the wife. If he begins to neglect it at it the false impotence to the wife will develop. It is necessary to bring constantly something new in sphere of sexual perception.Change of the man is when it leaves to other woman and carries away to it the piece of extraction. Usually in it the wife is guilty. It concerns successful men who earn a sufficient piece of extraction for the maintenance of the family... Earn more than can spend their wives.:-)

For example, the man goes every day to battle for a piece of extraction to other predators. In the evening, got tired and covered with wounds, he comes back home. And here his wife instead of helping it to lick wounds, snatches and starts it to gnaw, saw and scratch. As a result he goes into battle not had a rest in the morning. Also believe, there will be eventually such female who with it will lisp, and your husband will leave to it in the house and will start to carry there the piece of extraction, in the same place it not rugajut:-)
To love is means to create to the man conditions of a peace of mind and a house cosiness. Men (as well as all live beings) are lazy. Even if any female will twist before it attractive parts of a body, he will think … «That there will be with this lady – it is not known, and houses precisely well».
When at the man of the house comfort and the loving wife, it cannot be enticed from its den.Do not forget about it, loving women.
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