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The strong woman, whether strong … Easily is to it?

Lately even more often it is necessary to communicate with business the woman. A new class in Russia. And отроду to it hardly more than 10 years. And in leaders women strong-willed, able and incurring responsibility for a family, firm, the country were beat out. Whence scoop the force these fragile by nature creations? Why sometimes men in their society feel weak? Such metamorphosis whence undertook? When it is all has occurred?

Strong women were ALWAYS. A horse at full tilt will stop, into a burning log hut will enter is about such Nekrasov wrote once. Of them were afraid, respected, admired and even envied. And to it as? What for this gentle by nature creation incurs such heavy cargo? More often, sources in an ordinary instinct of self-preservation and preservation of the posterity. Has not carried to such woman with a strong man's shoulder. It was necessary to take all cargo for a family, for the children on itself. And it is frequent near to such "bomb" there is a man shy, irresolute, slightly infantile. And such steams live in peace also the consent.

Marina – the boss. At it the firm. Succeeding business. An eternal time trouble. To incur care of a family she has asked the husband. Once it was the basic supporter. Marina sat in the decree and suffered from consciousness of own otioseness. Children have grown up. The husband had middle age crisis. And strong Marina has made the decision – became the businessman. Business successfully enough developed. The husband at first deepened the internal crisis. And then, having understood that the weak link in a today's life is them with Marina a life, took it on itself. What remarkable pies began to wait business-vumen in the evenings! A well-groomed garden and a full refrigerator. And again in a shower have started singing birds. And the step has sufficed this woman and natural wisdom to lift authority of the father in the opinion of children. And again all were as equals. Harmony and mutual addition.

Whence they undertake - strong women? By those they are done by a life, a man's shoulder, which nearby. If you think that in a life it is necessary to pay for all - will always pay. If you think, what exactly you should drag on yourself all family cargo - will pull. And the small fragile woman turns in strong and assured. To which, however, support which gets tired of the force which too cries at a window too is necessary.

Perfectly I understand that all is far not at all strong women as smoothly. But! True force does without tyranny and without scandals. Force – therefore also force that it is wise, it from within. It is difficult to name strong the stinker or the intriguer, скандалистку or the hysteric woman. And here to take responsibility and to carry by it through all tests – great FORCE. I will believe to nobody that force and feminity are incompatible. Such women – magnets, it is impossible to forget them, to them devote legends, songs and verses. Internal force is a gift, it is huge energy of LOVE.

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